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All participants are required to fill in this online form, which should take you no more than a few minutes to complete. This form is compulsory for all attendees: you MUST submit your responses in order to be able to attend the day trip to Oxford in July!

You may also have to complete additional pupil/parental consent forms for your school - your school's Inspire Coordinator will inform you if this is the case.

Information about the way your data will be used, and the limits of this use, can be viewed here:

  • You can learn about how your data is stored and used by reading the ‘Applicants and Prospective Students’ Privacy Notice. This includes specific guidance for pupils taking part in outreach activities.
  • You can learn about how your data may be processed by reading the ‘Student Applicant and Outreach Activities’ ROPA.
  • You can learn more about how your data may be shared by reading the Data Sharing Table.