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Thank you for your interest in this Wellcome and The Global Health Network survey.

Wellcome’s mission is to reduce the risk and impact of escalating infectious diseases. To do this, Wellcome aims to support research that will help us better understand sources and drivers of disease, with a view to intervening earlier to limit escalation and informing the development and implementation of accessible and affordable interventions for disease control.

To inform our infectious disease funding strategy in this area, Wellcome are collaborating with The Global Health Network to gain an understanding of priority research needs on sources of disease and drivers of escalation. We are specifically keen to hear your views and perspectives on areas such as emerging infectious diseases, epidemics, drug-resistant infections and climate-sensitive infectious disease. 

Who are we seeking to engage with this survey?

Anybody whose work directly impacts human health (including those working at the human-animal interface), who have research experience on understanding the sources of infectious disease and drivers of disease escalation and those involved in research uptake and public health decision-making.

About the survey

This survey consists of 11 questions and will take around 5-10 minutes to complete. Findings from the survey will be used to inform the design and content of three Global South, hybrid, regional workshops in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Carribean (LAC), on sources of disease and drivers of escalation, in June 2023.

We aim to invite a diverse and globally-representative group of people to these workshops. If you are interested in attending, you are invited to express your interest and provide your contact details towards the end of this survey. Workshop invitations will be guided by survey responses.

The findings from this survey may be published in a report, a scientific journal, presented at a conference and made openly available.  Your identity will remain anonymous in all publications, release of the data and presentations of the findings.

Your identity will only be requested if you give permission for us to keep in contact about this study and if you specify that you wish to be considered for invitation to one of the three regional workshops. Your identity and contact details will not be shared beyond Wellcome and The Global Health Network research team working on this study.

The information that you supply will be treated in accordance with the University of Oxford's Data Protection PolicyThis project has been reviewed and approved by the Oxford Tropical Research and Ethics Committee (OxTREC). Reference number OxTREC 541-18. For any other queries please email