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Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


6.6. Are you registered with a GP Practice in the UK? Required
7.7. Are you aware of the specific requirements relating to contraception for this trial? Required
8.8. Are you currently taking any medication? Required
9.9. Are you currently under the care of, or waiting for an appointment with, a hospital specialist? Required
10.10. Have you ever had a cancer diagnosis? Required
11.11. Have you previously taken part in a clinical trial involving a vaccine? Required
12.12. Have you ever had malaria?
13.13. Have you travelled to any Malaria-endemic areas in the past 6 months e.g. Africa, Asia?
14.14. Do you have any plans to travel in the next 12 months? Required
15.15. How did you hear about us? Required