Page 1: Introduction

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us feedback on the service you received from us. We are happy to have positive and negative feedback, so please feel free to give us your honest view.

We will ask questions about:

  1. Your first impressions of the service
  2. Your disability advisor
  3. Any SpLD tuition you might have had
  4. Any specialist mentoring you might have had
  5. Any other support workers, such as notetakers and library/study assistants
  6. Your overall experience of the DAS

Complete the questions that you think are relevant to your contact with the service, and simply skip the parts that don't apply to you.

You can give us your contact details at the end of the survey if you would like us to follow up with you, or you can complete this survey anonymously.

Please let us know if you need this survey in an alternative format:


Data Protection:

The information you supply in response to this survey will be treated in accordance with the University’s Data Protection policy. Aggregate data may be retained to benchmark future surveys. Cookies, personal data stored by your Web browser, are not used in this survey.