Survey Objective: Evaluation of the function and feasibility of implementation of countermeasures against consumer Internet of Things threats to the media

I, Anjuli Shere (doctoral researcher in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford) am investigating Internet of Things threats to journalists and their sources. The “Internet of Things” here refers to networked devices that can collect and share data with each other. Examples do not include phones, laptops or tablets, but do include: voice operated assistants (Alexa, Google Home), wearable smart technology (fitness trackers, smart watches), smart toys (gaming systems and smart TVs, children’s toys, recreational use drones), internet-connected cars, internet-connected security systems, remote-access lighting systems, etc.

I have created a framework of possible protective measures that can be implemented by the media to counter these threats. This survey is intended to validate this framework.

Validation is an important stage in the academic process, which involves evaluation of a specific output - in this case a multi-column framework - to assess the content of the framework. Following validations, my research will build on this framework to create an interactive tool that can be used by members of the media as part of risk assessment and management practices.