Researchers at Oxford University Department of Education are conducting an in-depth study into the 'value' of Humanities Degrees from Oxford. This will examine individual graduate outcomes in the labour market as well as the wider social, political and economic impact of such degrees.

For this, we are hoping to interview graduates from Oxford who took any degree in the Humanities, undergraduate or postgraduate.

Interviews will be conducted by telephone and will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you would be willing to participate in this study, please complete this short form. We will use the information provided here to select individuals to interview, ensuring we talk to a representative sample of Oxford Humanities graduates.

Your participation in this research will help contribute to a better understanding of the value of the Humanities and the way in which degree value should be conceptualised in higher education. 

All information provided in this form and in interviews will only be seen by the research team and will be completely confidential. It will be stored securely on Oxford University servers. Any information included in reports or publications will be fully anonymised.

The key research team comprises: Dr James Robson, Dr Emily Murphy, Professor Simon Marginson, and Professor Ewart Keep.

If you have any concerns please contact Dr James Robson:; 01865 274044