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Thank you for completing the student ambassador training. Once you complete this form you will be able to participate in access and outreach opportunities. 

In order to participate in the Access and Outreach Opportunities, St John’s College Oxford will collect and store information about you: Personal details (Name, date of birth, Oxford email address, yeargroup). Your email address will only be used for communication about your involvement with Access & Outreach. We will not contact you for any other purpose without your permission.

More information about the way your data will be used, and the limits of this use, can be viewed here:

  • You can learn about how your data is stored and used by reading the ‘Applicants and Prospective Students’ Privacy Notice. This includes specific guidance for pupils taking part in outreach activities.
  • You can learn about how your data may be processed by reading the ‘Student Applicant and Outreach Activities’ ROPA.
  • You can learn more about how your data may be shared by reading the Data Sharing Table.
1.1. By proceeding with this survey I confirm that I have read and understood the above information and consent to my data being stored by the Access and Outreach department
3.3. I confirm that I have completed the student ambassador training
4.4. I confirm that I will follow the student ambassador code of conduct at all times
5.5. I confirm that I have completed the safeguarding training and have emailed the certificate to
6.6. (Online Chat Platform Ambassadors Only) I confirm that I have watched the online chat platform training and read the extra information.