This tool will help you determine if the taxon you are assessing qualifies as Absent, Present, Viable, or Functional within a particular spatial unit (which you, as the assessor, have previously defined) under a given temporal scenario (Past, Current, Current without Conservation, Future with Conservation, Future without Conservation, Long-Term Aspiration).

This tool guides you through binary questions to determine species status. The logic of this tool is based on the Regional Red Listing Guidelines, essentially automating the process for determining the Regional Red List Category. Knowing the Regional Category is essential, because at this stage in the development of the Green List of Species, a taxon can only be considered Viable within a spatial unit/temporal scenario combination if it would qualify as EITHER Near Threatened and Not Declining OR Least Concern.

After using the tool to determine status for a given spatial unit and temporal scenario, you will have the ability to return to the beginning to restart the tool for a different spatial unit and/or temporal scenario. You may also use this tool to estimate "min" and "max" values for a spatial unit/temporal scenario combination by changing your answers to reflect any uncertainty (note that "min" and "max" values do not differ from the "best" value in cases of little to no uncertainty).

If you would like more information about the interpretation of the Regional Guidelines used to create this tool or view the internal logic, click here.

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Which scenario are you assessing this spatial unit for? (see Tab 4-8. If using this tool in an exploratory way, choose 'Other'.) Required