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On 24 August 2023 we upgraded to a new library system. Most of the changes are 'behind the scenes' but we have also taken the opportunity to make some changes to some aspects of SOLO.

These changes include: beneficial features that were not previously possible to implement; simplification of terminology used (based on feedback from extensive testing with students); and structural differences between the old system and the new that necessitated a different set up in SOLO.

These changes do not alter how SOLO searches, or what printed and electronic resources it covers.

In addition, we have now been able to implement new, simplified rules for borrowing to provide an inclusive and consistent user experience - something we have been receiving feedback on for the last 7 years. See here for details

We have undertaken extensive testing of the new version of SOLO, gathering feedback from 80 students using the system in real-world situations, and consulting widely on the borrowing changes (see link above). However, we recognise that not everything will be perfect from the start, and development will continue. We are using this form to gather feedback on the changes to SOLO, which will help us make further improvements.

The information collected via this form will be reviewed periodically.

Please do NOT use this form to report a problem or issue you are having using SOLO. Please use the Live Chat feature on SOLO or email for help.

Please enter a valid email address.