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Cities are on the front line of climate action, as drivers of both the majority of global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and the most innovative solutions to reduce such emissions. Energy consumption accounts for the majority of city emissions and transitioning from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources is at the centre of ambitious city climate action.


Before the onset of COVID-19, hundreds of cities around the world set ambitious net-zero emissions, 1.5 alignment, and renewable energy transition commitments. With a focus on the renewable energy aspects of your city or organization’s climate change commitments, this survey seeks to investigate how such commitments are being realized and how, if at all, COVID-19 has impacted their implementation.


Survey Instructions:

This survey asks for detail in order to understand the nature of your city’s or organization’s net-zero commitments and renewable energy policies. It is estimated it will take respondents about 15 minutes to complete. These research findings will be available to survey respondents upon request. 

This survey is completely voluntary, and you may opt-out at any time. Please click the link below to read the 'Participant Information' form for further background information about the study: 

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