Page 1: Thank you for visiting our survey

Thank you for completing this PPI survey. The questions ask you to think about the impact PPI has had on your research. Your feedback will help develop our understanding of the difference PPI makes to research and contribute to our annual PPI evaluation report. We hope it will also support you to reflect upon and plan future PPI. 

If you have any questions about this survey or PPI at the Oxford Health BRC please contact Claire Murray, PPI Manager:

2.2. In what areas of your research or project has the PPI activity already led to a change or made a difference?
3.3. In what areas of your research or project do you anticipate the PPI will have a longer term impact?
4.4. Did the PPI increase your understanding of patients/carers/service user/participant experience?
5.5. Did the PPI increase your confidence in communicating research to a public audience?
6.6. Did the PPI support you to consider equality, diversity or inclusion in your research?
7.7. Did you learn something from the PPI that that will influence your future work?
8.8. How confident are you about planning and/or carrying out future PPI?