Welcome to the Peer Review Portal

You are invited to review the "Draft Standard for an IUCN Green Status of Species, which was developed in response to IUCN Resolution WCC 2012 Res 041, and to provide comments through the online comment form on the following page. The draft Standard will be revised taking account of any and all inputs received before being submitted to IUCN Council for eventual adoption (pending any further consultation processes, should they be deemed necessary).

The online consultation period will run until 1st May 2020. During this period, you may record any comments about the Standard, with reference to particular line numbers, in the online form. After 1st May 2020, the online form will be closed and the Species Conservation Success Task Force of the IUCN Red List Committee will carefully review and consider all comments received on the Standard and provide responses. Please note the following:

  1. You are not required to comment on the entire draft Standard – input on any section is welcome. Comments will be taken as your individual views, and not those of your member organisation. Please encourage others in your IUCN member organisation to provide feedback as well. 
  2. In addition to suggesting any possible changes, we also welcome comments on aspects of the draft Standard that you would like to see preserved, and any reasons for your preference.

You can view and download the Draft Standard from the Union Portal at this link. If you do not have access to the Portal, you may find the documents at this Google Drive link. If you have trouble accessing either of these options, contact Molly Grace (molly.grace@zoo.ox.ac.uk) who can send you the documents.

The draft Standard is accompanied by a supporting draft document titled “Background and Guidelines for the IUCN Green Status of Species”. Although this supporting document is not formally part of the online consultation, this document is provided to reviewers to give more detail about the assessment procedures outlined in the Standard. For those familiar with the IUCN Red List, this document is intended to serve the same purpose as the "Guidelines for Using the IUCN Red List and Criteria", and will evolve over time to incorporate new thinking and guidance necessary to apply the Green Status of Species method. Though it is not being formally reviewed at this stage, you are welcome to provide feedback and comments on the draft Guidelines.

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