Page 1: Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully.

This standard proforma CV must be completed alongside an official University of Oxford application - please see for further details.

Page 1 (Your details) of the form gives us some information about you. This will not be available to the assessors, and will not be used in the shortlisting process. The remaining sections (pages) give us information on your academic qualifications and track record. Please do not indicate your name or any information that could be used to identify you, including preferred pronouns, or any of these characteristics:
• Age
• Disability
• Gender Reassignment
• Marital or Civil Partnership Status (in Employment)
• Pregnancy and Maternity
• Race
• Religion or Belief (including Lack of Belief)
• Sex or Gender Identity
• Sexual Orientation

Students are selected for admission without regard to gender, marital or civil partnership status, disability, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age.  

This programme is participating in the Academic Futures programme, including the Black Academic Futures programme, to address the under-representation of candidates who are members of certain groups in postgraduate study. It is also participating in a pilot to address conscious and unconscious bias in the application process. Therefore, information on socio-economic background may be used to implement positive actions relating to the selection of candidates for shortlisting or admission, and information on race and ethnic origin may be used to implement positive action at shortlisting, subsequent to assessment of academic merit and potential. 

The information that you supply on the form will be held and processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018. The University’s Data Protection policy is available on the University’s website:

Please note

1. It is a good idea to have a Word copy of your responses ahead of filling out the online form and allow yourself enough time (without time pressure) to complete it. You can click on 'Finish later' at the bottom of each page and you will be provided with a URL and the facility to email this system-generated link to yourself.

2. Once you click ‘Finish’ at the end of this online form you can not go back to edit your previous responses.  

3. Once completed you have 15 minutes to download the PDF. If you do not download the PDF within 15 minutes of completing the form you will need to re-enter the data. 

4. To download your CV as a PDF once you have answered all the questions click on the 'My Responses' button.  Click on the 'Download as PDF' button at the top of the 'My Responses' screen.

5. Please upload the PDF output of this standard CV in the CV slot of the Supporting Documents page of your University of Oxford application form.

6. If your standard CV is submitted via this online form after the advertised application deadline for the graduate course or studentship you are applying for, then please note that the CV may not be considered during the assessment.