Page 1: Welcome to the IoT Forensic Survey

I am a DPhil student in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford researching the topic of "Digital Forensics in the Internet of Things". I am conducting an online survey to compliment information from published sources and I would be grateful if you could participate. The purpose is to investigate the different understandings and interpretation of IoT forensics and to identify the research challenges faced by current forensic specialists.

You have been invited to take part in this survey based on your research interests in the cyber forensic domain and are likely to have experience in this area. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw at any point during the survey without giving any reason. Once you have submitted your response, it will not be possible to withdraw from the study.  

If you choose to take part, you will be asked several questions regarding your interpretation of IoT forensics and current challenges in this research area. You will either be presented with direct questions as a multiple-choice or ranking format. This questionnaire will take around 20 minutes to complete with a total of 21 questions.

There will be no direct benefit to you from taking part in this research. We believe there are no known risks associated with this research study; however, as with any online related activity the risk of a breach is always possible.  To the best of our ability your answers in this study will remain confidential.  We will minimize any risks by storing data on an encrypted electronic storage device. To help protect your confidentiality, the surveys will not contain information that will personally identify you. The results of this study will be used for academic purposes only and may be published at a conference.

This research is funded by the EPSRC and this study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee (Reference Number: CS_C1A_18_009).

If you have any questions about this study, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Tina Wu, University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science, Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PR,

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