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We invite you to participate in a survey about gene therapy for cardiomyopathy, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford. The information generated will be used to inform a bid for funding from the British Heart Foundation.

The study we propose aims to develop treatments that would correct the genetic alterations in the heart that cause cardiomyopathy, and so provide the first cures for these conditions.

Taking this survey is completely voluntary. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. We will not ask your name or any identifying information.

By completing this survey, you are consenting to the use of the information you provide, on the understanding that it will be aggregated for purposes of analysis, publications, and presentations. Your responses will not be identified or identifiable.

We may use any free text as quotes in publicity materials, but it will not be possible to identify the respondent, and we will take care not to include any quotes which indicate personal context.

Please watch the CureHeart video before you start the survey. It contains information about the treatment we want to develop.

1.1. I have watched the CureHeart video