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Welcome to’s (GPV) Pharmacovigilance in Low and Middle-Income Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic Working Group Invitation. This form has been developed following the recent GPV survey and GPV/ISoP Africa Chapter online workshop 'What are the Priorities for Pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 Pandemic?'.

Both the survey and the workshop aimed to agree consensus on the highest priorities for pharmacovigilance at this point in the COVID-19 Pandemic, where support, training and guidance are needed.

Global Pharmacovigilance now invites you to join a working group(s) to address the highest priorities identified following the survey and workshop. Following analysis of our results, we plan to create working groups to focus on the following areas:

  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy
  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccination in children/adolescents
  • Analysis of COVID-19 vaccine safety data

Whether you are an experienced pharmacovigilance professional, or simply someone with a passion for improving the safety and efficacy of medical interventions, we invite you to take an active role in guiding the activities and outcomes of these groups. Any number of approaches could be taken to address these challenges; this could include the development of training resources, the hosting of workshops/webinars, writing position papers, protocols or guidelines, but the exact outcomes will be determined by you as a group member. In addition, if you have experience working in any of the areas listed above, we invite you to take on a co-ordinating role in that working group. Working group activities will be supported by The Global Health Network, and the GPV platform will be used as a space for group activities and the dissemination of outputs.

This form consists of 8 questions and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Thank you in advance for your collaboration. 


Please Note

The findings of this research may be published in a report, a scientific journal and/or presented at a conference. Your identity has been requested to allow follow-up contact only in relation to future working group activities and will remain anonymous in all publications and presentations of the findings.

The information that you supply will be treated in accordance with the University of Oxford's Data Protection policy. This project has been reviewed and approved by Oxford Tropical Research and Ethics Committee (OxTREC). Reference number OxTREC 541-18. For any other queries please email