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This section of the application is optional.

We recognise that socio-economic data may not fully capture an individual student’s personal circumstances, so if any of the criteria listed below apply, we encourage you to submit a statement providing additional detail on your personal circumstances using this contextual statement form. This may be used in association with socioeconomic data (where it has been provided in the application form) to contextualise applications at the different stages of the selection process.

You may wish to provide a contextual statement, particularly if you:

•    are in the first generation of your family to go to university;
•    have been in care for at least three months;
•    have been a young carer;
•    are from a low-income background;
•    you have received a means-tested scholarship;
•    you have needed to work to support yourself during your academic studies because of your socioeconomic circumstances;
•    are a refugee;
•    are neurodivergent;
•    have or have had one or more disabilities or chronic illnesses that have affected you in education or at work;
•    wish to disclose other circumstances that have substantially affected you in education or at work

Please note, this statement is in addition to the ‘Extenuating circumstances’ section of the standard application form. 

Considering socio-economic and contextual information as part of the assessment procedure is one of the actions we are taking as part of a pilot aimed at minimising conscious and unconscious bias in the admissions procedure for graduate students.


Please note:

1. Once you click ‘Finish’ at the end of this online form you can not go back to edit your response.

2. You do not need to complete this form in one session. By clicking the 'Finish later' link at the bottom of the page your responses will be saved and you will be able to email a system-generated link to yourself to return to it.

3. Your course administrator will have access to your statement and will forward to assessors to contextualise shortlisting and decision-making. You are NOT required to upload a PDF of this file to the University application form.

4. If your statement is submitted via this online form after the advertised application deadline for the graduate course or studentship you are applying for, then your statement may not be considered in the assessment of your application.