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The Feedback Panel is a list of people (not students - they have a separate panel) who are willing to undertake testing of new or existing Libraries products or services, or to provide feedback on specific aspects of our provision.

The testing might be via participation in a focus group, testing a new online catalogue, keeping a diary of what you do when you are in a library, trying out a new library design, or many other possibilities.

If you are willing to join the pool of potential testers (with no obligation that you will actually take part in any specific testing), please complete this short 5 question form.

If you have any questions about user research at the Bodleian Libraries, please do get in touch with me.

Dr Frankie Wilson
Head of Assessment
Bodleian Libraries
Clarendon Building
Broad Street
Oxford, OX1 3BG
Telephone:  01865 277236

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