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Welcome to the Applying Research to Policy and Practice for Health (ARCH) programme survey.

ARCH aims to bring together researchers, policymakers, implementers, and other actors to address the gaps in research uptake; to both conduct research to better understand this landscape and together develop the associated mechanisms to bridge these gaps.

The Global Health Network launched the publicly available ARCH hub to bring together researchers, policy makers, decisionmakers, and implementers to facilitate knowledge exchange, coordination and collaboration for the uptake, and application of research findings into policy and practice. The hub contains free tools and resources, events, discussion groups, as well as case studies to inspire and support effective and faster uptake of your research studies.

With this survey, we seek the opinion of researchers, policy makers, decision makers, healthcare workers, journalists etc. that globally have made and will make use of the hub to help us understand:

  • To what extent the ARCH hub is meeting your needs
  • How the ARCH hub and the tools available through the hub could be improved
  • What you feel you have learned/acquired by being part of the ARCH Hub community and how has the ARCH hub help improve your research uptake activities.

We would really appreciate you taking a moment to give us your thoughts and feedback. This survey consists of 12 questions and will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Please Note

The findings from this survey may be published in a report, a scientific journal and/or presented at a conference. Your identity will remain anonymous in all publications and presentations of the findings.

The information that you supply in response to this training evaluation will be treated in accordance with the University of Oxford's Data Protection policy. The data collected in this form will be stored securely and will be only accessed by The Global Health Network. For more information, please visit The Global Health Network Privacy Policy page. 

For any other queries please email