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Thank you for your interest in this Fellowship programme. The programme is open to African nationals only.

We welcome applications from people at any stage of their career, in any sector, including those working in academia, government, industry or NGOs. However, you must be working in conservation science or practice, and you must be able to demonstrate clearly how coming to Oxford will benefit your career, will enable you to form new and mutually beneficial collaborations with people in Oxford or strengthen existing collaborations, and how it will lead to positive conservation outcomes.

Before applying, please ensure that you are able to join us in the UK for up to three months, and that if you are working you will be able to step away from your daily tasks and focus on your specific project during that time. 

There is no need for you to submit proof of English language proficiency, but candidates should be comfortable interacting with their peers, attending seminars and making presentations in English.

For more information on the scheme visit our webpage here 

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